About Gramcircuit

" Bringing e-commerce to the doorstep of the Villages "

Redefining the emerging e-commerce shopping, Gram Circuit has taken an innovative step to provide the modern online shopping services right at the doorstep of the villages. Today, e-commerce sites are exploding with a grace to attract customers across the globe. Gram Circuit envisaged thinking out of the box and is making successive inroads into the rural market. Breaking all the boundaries, we are now putting an initiative step to deliver profound personal online shopping services for a number of villages in Andhra-Pradesh (AP) and Telangana, India.

The time saving, money saving and secured online shopping portals are preferred by people all over the world. India also holds a superior position with a good percent of online shoppers. Online shopping has come up with the complete freedom for shopping with no pain of searching for their favorite thing is the midst of crowd and with no pain of waiting in the queue for payment. How cheerful it is!!!

With the emerging digital marketing, every individual can have the dignity to access Internet and search for their desire products online. Aligning the same idea into our core business process, we are bringing an opportunity for the people living in the rural to leverage the online shopping purchases. Gram Circuit has established its hubs in the districts: Krishna, Guntur, West Godavari and Warangal, and envisions expanding its hubs in different parts of Andhra-Pradesh and Telangana in the near future.

Living in metro-cities or overseas, we help you to convey your regards, surprise your near and dear ones living in the villages of AP. Connecting people regardless of their boundaries, Gram Circuit aims at offering a wide variety of online shopping services. Keeping trust as the cornerstone, we endure an additional feature of allowing people to order offline as well. Just dial to our toll-free number and book your desired product with the delivery procedures.

Get in touch with your beloved staying in villages and surprise them!! Gram Circuit aspires to bring people closer regardless of the boundaries through its committed services.